Independent artists like myself need your help!  A lot of music fans don’t realize how this crazy business of music really works.  And even with a lot of cool new technology and opportunities for all artists to ‘get on the map,’ there are still a lot of big hurdles on the path!  So here are some things you can do to help level the playing field…

Host a House Concert    You get a private concert for you and your friends, which is an extremely cool way to experience music.  I get your help in sharing my music with new people, hopefully ones who appreciate music the way you do!  This helps me to gain new fans in new places, which makes it easier to play bigger and better clubs in the future.  If I can get 50-100 people out for a show in most areas, that’s enough to get to play the A list venues in almost any town!

Request a song     I get this question at pretty much every show I do–“So why don’t I hear you on the radio?”  This is one of those secrets of the biz that a lot of people don’t know, but getting onto radio, especially big, corporate-owned stations, costs money—like a LOT of money! (So if you ever wondered why certain super-sucky songs actually get played on air, now you know!)  With some stations, there are opportunities for independent artists to submit music, so I do that wherever possible.  But if enough people are asking to hear a song played, it will make it easier to get the station’s attention.  They’re all about listener ratings and playing what their audience likes, so let them know what you want to hear.  And if you request a song of mine, let me know which one & also which station–so we can follow up!

Help Promote a Show in Your Area   Here’s how the relationship between a band and a club often goes…If the band gets a decent crowd, and the crowd spends money–it’s all good!  If not, club owners tend to transform into frightening mobsters who wouldn’t think twice about roughing up your grandma to collect their money ;)  OK, well it’s not usually THAT bad–but bottom-line is, independent bands need HELP getting people out to shows!  We don’t have big budgets for hiring tour promoters, radio promoters, and other big guns used by the major labels.  Become a street team member and get all kinds of freebies and VIP stuff!

Share it!    Spread the word to all of your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or any other social sites you’re on.  If you really like a particular song or video, post a comment and a link for people to check it out.  Artists can promote themselves all day long, and we DO!  But people tend to listen to their friends about what they’re into and are about 1000 times more likely to take a listen.

Write Reviews Head over to iTunes and share your thoughts about the album. This is a great way to have your voice heard about what really moves you, what you want to hear more of, and why you think other people will love it too. This is a big help in getting new people to check out and buy my music. You don’t have to be poetic or write something profound–just tell it like it is!

Friends in High Places     It’s the whole 6 degrees of separation thing!  So if you happen to know someone that you think might be a good contact for me, send me an email!  People I’m always interested in connecting with are music supervisors who place songs in film & TV, indie filmmakers looking for music, other artists to open for/cobill, artists or artist managers looking for pop/rock songs to cut, club owners who love good music and treat artists right, entertainment lawyers, super cool independent record labels, tour guides for the Willy Wonka Factory–might as well throw that one in the mix!