Powerful vulnerability. “When I listen to music, I want to be moved, transformed, unmasked–above all I want to FEEL something! I love music with power, raw emotion, and authenticity. So I guess it’s no surprise that these are all parts of the music I’m compelled to create.” Jenn Franklin’s passion and innate talent put her in league with the top songstresses of today’s adult pop scene. She’s often compared to other intelligent, edgy artists like Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Aimee Mann, but she has a voice undeniably all her own. “I don’t believe in formulas or following trends. For me, songwriting is about honesty. I write through everything I experience–good, bad, and wicked step-sister ugly! It’s about getting to the truth that I was too afraid to speak before that very moment.”

Her music has been heard on MTV’s “Real World,” on over 175 college radio stations, and featured in national publications like Performing Songwriter magazine who says, “a bold voice that asserts instant authority…Franklin’s confident delivery ensures an indelible impression.” Her sound has attracted attention with TV song placements and during showcases at industry events like SXSW, Midpoint Music Festival, Midwest Music Summit, Diversafest, International Folk Festival and NY Songwriters Showcase. With her song “Hold Up The World,” she was a finalist in the 2010 Lilith Fair Contest for Nashville, and her single, “Can’t Touch You” won first place in a fan-sponsored, Twilight Battle of the Bands for the Twilight movie series.

“Her songs evoke a warmth and intelligence that most of her peers could only dream of. The music contained herein is at times powerful, delicate, poignant, beautiful, haunting and, most of all, important,” says Jim Reilley, Grammy-nominated artist and founding member of The New Dylans . Reilley produced “Girl Invisible,” Franklin’s critically acclaimed sophomore release. “I tend to find inspiration in some pretty dark places,” Franklin says, “but more often than not, I stumble onto hope at the bottom. Even though the songs aren’t all autobiographical, I feel they have a way of finding me out. I can start off writing about someone I know or something that comes to me, and I end up discovering what the song is trying to teach me about my own life. So it feels a bit like being both the tour guide and the tourist.”

From Franklin’s perspective, it’s an exciting time to be an independent artist. “All these tools we’ve got for sharing our art are amazing, even though it’s a challenge to keep up! And I’m very grateful to have the freedom to create exactly what I want, without any filters from people who claim to know better about what kind of music is ‘acceptable.’ Myself, I give the general public a lot more credit than a lot of these so-called experts. I don’t feel the need to dummy down my songs, repeat a line 10 times in a row so that ‘any 14-year old girl can remember it after hearing it the first time’ (that’s what one A&R guy actually said to me), and I prefer to sing for myself, but thanks anyway auto-tune! Maybe I’m a bit old school, but I’m also passionate about making real music for real music lovers, and I make no apologies for that.”

Press for “Girl Invisible”

“Hold Up the World,” and “Courageous,” are two of the most powerful songs about hope that I have heard in a long time…her voice is huge and powerful and wonderful to match the lyrics that bear her soul, her vulnerability, and her talents.” –Relate Magazine

“Jenn Franklin proves that there are still true artists in the music industry.  This album is edgy, beautiful, poignant, soulful, and richly satisfying not to mention extremely cool.  She surpasses most independent artists you will find these days.” –iTunes Music Review

“Courageous” and “Hold Up The World” are now part of my permanent soundtrack…Like her alt-rock contemporaries, Regina Spektor, Sara McLachlan, and Meg Braun, Franklin’s rich vocals and catchy lyrics pack ten pounds of emotion into a six-pound bag. I hope, hope, hope that Invisible becomes visible and carries this talented singer-songwriter to the next level.” –Caught in the Carousel

“Jenn Franklin will get you with her voice and keep you with her songwriting.  A warm, soulful sound full of deep texture will greet you in the opening moments  Girl Invisible,  and draw you in like an old friend.” –Wildy’s World