Her songs evoke a warmth and intelligence that most of her peers could only dream of. The music contained herein is at times powerful, delicate, poignant, beautiful, haunting and, most of all, important  — Jim Reilley, Grammy-nominated folk artist and founding member of The New Dylans.  
Her music has been heard on several reality shows on MTV, on over 175 college radio stations, and featured in national publications like Performing Songwriter who says, “a bold voice that asserts instant authority…Franklin’s confident delivery ensures an indelible impression.” Her sound has attracted attention with TV song placements and during showcases at industry events like SXSW, Midpoint Music Festival, Midwest Music Summit, Diversafest, International Folk Festival and NY Songwriters Showcase. With her song “Hold Up The World,” she was a finalist in the 2010 Lilith Fair Contest for Nashville. Another of Franklin’s songs, “Can’t Touch You,” won first place in a fan-sponsored, Twilight Battle of the Bands for the Twilight movie series.   
Franklin’s talent was evident early on when she wowed crowds as a 12-year-old singer covering artists like Heart, Janis Joplin, and Aretha Franklin. After graduating from Wichita State University in Kansas, Franklin moved to Nashville and collaborated with Berklee Music graduate, Peter Overton. Errors & Admissions, was Franklin’s debut six-song EP that earned national airtime on college and independent radio stations, with three of the songs also showing up on MTV’s “Real World.” As BMA Magazine noted, “Errors & Admissions marked “a great start for a musician that is starting to attract attention around the world.”
“I tend to find inspiration in some pretty dark places,” Franklin says, “but more often than not, I stumble onto hope at the bottom.” Her first full-length album, Girl Invisible, was produced by acclaimed songwriter/recording artist/producer, Jim Reilley, and drew wide praise from critics. Relate Magazine says, “Hold Up the World,” and “Courageous,” are two of the most powerful songs about hope that I have heard in a long time…her voice is huge and powerful and wonderful to match the lyrics that bear her soul, her vulnerability, and her talents.” 
Franklin’s latest album, Hungry For Hope, is a collection of songs that chart her journey toward recovery from an eating disorder. In a unique music and speaking presentation, Franklin has addressed schools and colleges across the US, giving audiences an up-close view into the mind & heart of what it means to live through the pain of disordered eating—and to ultimately find strength, freedom, and peace on the other side. “The songs tell parts of my own story as well as those of many brave women and men whom I’ve met along the recovery path.”  A portion of the proceeds supports eating disorder recovery organizations. Learn more at